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Mayor's Fall Newlestter Article

During my mayoral campaign last year, I promised to reunite Canal Fulton with Lawrence Township in order to return the Canal Fulton Street Department and Lawrence Township Road Department to the strong working relationship they enjoyed prior to the creation of the city’s paper Milan Township.  The improved relationship associated with the return to Lawrence Township would enable the Canal Fulton Street Department to stretch each dollar spent on the chip and seal road maintenance by utilizing the equipment and personnel of the Lawrence Township Road Department in addition to the personnel of the Canal Fulton Street Department.


To this end, I saw to the introduction of Resolution 7-12, which was a resolution authorizing me to petition the Stark County Commissioners for the dissolution of Milan Township and return of the entire city to Lawrence Township.  Passage of Resolution 7-12 failed four to two on May 15 due to the dissenting votes of council members Nellie Cihon, Danny Losch, Scott Svab, and Linda Zahirsky.  Since many of the objections of the dissenting council members to Resolution 7-12 were based upon claims of taxation without representation due to the reintroduction of 0.6 mills of previously assessed property taxes that would go to Lawrence Township, I proposed Resolution 12-12, which authorized a ballot issued for the Canal Fulton voters to decide whether or not to dissolve Milan Township and return Canal Fulton to Lawrence Township.  Despite the previous claims of council members Nellie Cihon, Danny Losch, and Linda Zahirsky that Milan Township should not be dissolved with out the say of the people, on July 17 they voted no on Resolution 12-12 that would have given the final say on fate of Milan Township to the voters of Canal Fulton.


As I previously reported to you, the expenses of the original 2012 budget adopted in December 2011 for the City’s tax supported activities, which do not include the Water and Sewer Utilities, exceeded the initial 2012 revenue estimate, which was developed during fall 2011, by $265,335.  As of August 31, the City expects revenues to exceed expense by $75,937 for the year-ending December 31, 2012.  Due to the increasing payrolls of employers in the City and increasing personal income of residents, year-to-date income tax collections as of July 31 were up twelve percent over the same period in 2011.  The primary reason for change from expectation of expenses exceeding revenues to the expectation of revenues exceeding expenses is due to this growth in the tax base, which equates to an estimated increase of total income tax collections of $200,000 in 2012 versus 2012.  Additionally, due to personnel changes in the Police Department following the departure of the former police chief, there will be a savings of $110,000 in Police Department personnel costs versus the original budget for 2012.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Canal Fulton for their confidence by electing me to serve as your Mayor for the next four years.  As a lifetime resident of Canal Fulton, I look forward to representing the interest of the citizens while leading our fine community into the future.


As Mayor my first order of business was to direct Interim Police Chief Doug Swartz to take a proactive stance on drug enforcement within the City, as reported by Chief Swartz at our March 7, 2012 council meeting this work has begun.


My next action, as promised during my campaign, was to work towards reuniting Canal Fulton with Lawrence Township.   I was surprised to learn many of you were unaware that in 2007 the City had withdrawn from Lawrence Township and created its own paper township known as Milan Township.   I have requested Council to rescind this past action and return to the partnership beneficial to both communities.


Prior to the City taking this action, a strong working relationship with the Lawrence Township Road Department and the Canal Fulton Street Department existed.  This relationship, as well as the relationship enjoyed by our Police Departments and Fire Departments, has allowed each governmental entity to enjoy adequate services through cooperative efforts.


The 2012 budget was adopted in December 2011 prior to the start of my term as Mayor.  While the 2012 budget attempted to minimize expenses without impacting the services received by the residents of the City, the budget contained a projected deficit of $265,335 for the City’s tax supported activities, which does not include the Water and Sewer Utilities.  Through a combination of the departure of our former police chief, lower than expected health insurance premium increases, and anticipated increases in income tax collections from a tax base that continues to grow, the projected deficient for the non-utility operations of the City has decreased to $135,935.  A portion of the projected deficit reflects the impact of reductions in funding from the State of Ohio.  The most recent biannual budget for the State of Ohio reduced the City’s Local Government Fund revenues from $136,123 in 2011 to 2012 estimated revenues of $66,887.  City Administration is developing a five-year plan and financial forecast in order to best determine how to balance the City budget in a sustainable manner for the betterment of the whole community.





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